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Before entering, read the Trading Room Rules in the FAQ.

The top 6 rules are the following:

1. We wait for the #1 Turning Point to establish between 9:30am- Noon Eastern then buy the #2 and #3 retracements

2. It's OKAY. If we miss the #1, 2 or 3 retracements then we always have another day

3. Expect to be bored. We may have zero trades 1 day a week

4. We avoid trading range days. It doesn't fit with our 1-2-3 Turning Point Trend System and range days don't occur often enough.

5. The ability not to trade is often as valuable as trading ability

6. Quit being a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). If you missed an opportunity, go pout somewhere else. Quit being a chearleader. You're only as good as your last trade. There is no room for emotions or performance anxiety. The emotions of fear and greed will send you to the poor house. We have every day to trade and we make 80% of our money 20% of the time.

If you need assistance in trading within your risk profile, Contact Us for a personal consultation.
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